Welcome to The Biggerness.

Life is a series of connected moments. Each of these moments is a scene in the story that God is telling with your life and mine. Individual moments become hours, then days, then years, then a complete life. There are no ordinary moments with God.  Whether large or small, each moment shapes and impacts you. These connected moments make you who you are. They are your story.

And God is bigger than all of it. He is at the center holding all things together. He is the writer and director.

Embrace the Biggerness of your life’s story.

Embrace God.

God is the Biggerness.

Here at The Biggerness I want to share what life looks like through my eyes, just one small man’s view of a big world with a big God. I hope I can help you get to know this God.  God shows his biggerness in so many different ways, so here you will find a hodgepodge of things, some spiritual, some not so much. You, the reader, will get glimpses of my faith, my love of family and friends, my love of music, book reviews on who knows what, and accounts of what my life is about…past, present and future. In other words, I will share my view of the world. Sometimes you will agree and other times you won’t. But we can share the moments anyway.

Feel free to stroll through The Biggerness at your own pace. I know our moments are few, so thanks for dropping by and making me a part of this moment in your life.