Chasing Contentment by Erik Raymond

“Ever since the garden of Eden the world has been discontent, and ever since thenchasing contentm God has been pursuing people to make them content in him.”  This statement, from the conclusion of Erik Raymond’s book Chasing Contentment, summarizes the human struggle. Raymond does a great job pointing to the primary problem of dissatisfaction and discontent: we are looking to be satisfied by things other than God.  “Being content in God,” Raymond writes, “is being satisfied in God regardless of what is going on outside you.” Later in the book, he elaborates on self-denial by saying that “this mandates a rejection of a life based on self-interest and self-fulfillment.”

Raymond shines the light of truth into our discontented hearts by addressing the providence of God and how being discontented stems from a heart that doesn’t trust in God’s providence. He addresses the important place the church has when it comes to discontentment and the importance of rejecting the desires of the world. Living for Christ and loving him above all things moves us closer to contentment.

This book is a good tool to begin us toward the journey of true contentment in God. I say begin because this is a journey. We will continually have to battle the temptation to desire the things off this life (created things) above things that are eternal (the Creator and his Kingdom). I recommend this book; it contains great insight. May God grant us perseverance in the application of the insights and may they take root in our hearts.

I received this book from Crossway’s Beyond the Page program in exchange for a review.