Nourishing Meals by Segersten & Malterre

My wife and I have been on a journey toward eating healthy. We are trying to cut out preservatives and processed foods, eliminating all the garbage from our diet. We have both lost weight and feel better. Yes, we have had our time365s of backsliding, but overall have done well. One of the keys to successful change in eating is variety. This is why having recipes that provide alternatives to all the junk we hold so dear is so important. This is where Nourishing Meals by Alisa Segersten and Tom Malterre comes in. This is a book with 365 whole-food and allergy free recipes. AndĀ gluten-free. This book is packed full of recipes of all kinds that will help you begin to feed yourself and your family in a way that will promote healthy living.

For beginners in healthy eating (like me), some of the recipes can be intimidating because you won’t have the necessary spices, etc. to make the dishes. That is going to be the case because you are changing the way you live, so the contents of your pantry is going to change over time. Don’t get frustrated because it won’t be long until you will have made the transition and feel and look better for it.

This book is a great addition to your healthy “toolbox” and would make a great gift as the holiday season approaches.

I received this book from in exchange for a review.