The Stories We Tell by Mike Cosper

stories we tellI love a good story, whether it be a novel or movie or television show. I get caught up in and taken away by the characters and situations the characters find themselves in. I have often wondered What is it about this show or movie that attracts people? Why do so many connect with shows like Breaking Bad or movies like the Harry Potter series?  Mike Cosper points to the larger story of God’s redemptive history as the foundation for why humanity has always been in love with story. The Stories We Tell explains how all of the stories we are so fascinated with are reflecting God’s larger story  and are pointing to truth and our deep longings for all that is wrong with the world to be made right.

This book will help movie and TV fans make sense of why they are attracted to the stories they watch and will also provide a new lens to view them through. This new way of viewing will open up ways to connect with and discuss movies and TV with others and ultimately point people to God as the author of each of our life stories. We can see all of life as a part of the big story.

I recommend this book for anyone interested in the concept of story, TV and movie fanatics (or those that live with or are friends of these screen addicts). Since movies and television are such an influential part of our culture, this is a helpful resource for church leaders to provide guidance in how to talk about the entertainment we engage in.

I received this book from Crossway in exchange for an honest review


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