Unoffendable by Brant Hansen (A Book Review)

We live in a world of offense. It seems everyone is mad about what someone said or did. Getting angry or upset can appear normal and even justifiable at times. But are we entitled to hold onto angerunoffendable? Is anger justifiable or even “righteous” at times? Brant Hansen, in his new book Unoffendable, answers these questions with a short answer: NO!  Like many of you, I have been taught that righteous anger is okay and we are to be offended when God is offended. The truth of the matter, as Hansen points out, is that above all, Christians are to be known and recognizable by their unending love and forgiveness. We will get upset and angry, but to demonstrate God’s love we must quickly forgive and love others, especially our enemies and those who offend and persecute us.

Unoffendable is written in the same humorous conversational style that is consistent with Hansen’s radio personality. I appreciate his humility about his own failures and weaknesses. Far too often writers present themselves as authorities on their subjects and in that forget to acknowledge their dependence on God for all things, including the subject at hand. Hansen doesn’t do this. He shares as a thankful recipient of God’s grace and a still-struggling traveling companion with his readers. Through personal accounts and scripture, he points to love and grace for all of us to become unoffendable. He shows the power of just being present with people and loving them. Peace and Christ-likeness are the result.

If you struggle with holding on to anger and wrestle with forgiving others in the same way God has forgiven you, Unoffendable will be a helpful book. If you have mastered forgiveness and letting go of anger and consistently love people well, then Unoffendable will be a helpful book for you as you deal with your lack of humility and honesty with yourself.

Brant Hansen has written a good one and you should read it.

I received a copy of this book from in exchange for an honest review.