Counter Culture by David Platt

CCBookEvery day Christians are faced with the cultural issues that fly in the face of biblical truth. How are we to respond and act? This is the question that David Platt answers in his latest book Counter Culture. Platt makes a passionate call for Christ followers to do just that…follow Christ and point to Him and live counter culturally, going against the grain and proclaiming the truth of the Gospel of Christ.

Platt devotes chapters to the following: the gospel and culture,poverty, abortion, orphans and widows, sex slavery, marriage, sexual morality, ethnicity, religious liberty, and the unreached. In each chapter, he explains how scripture speaks to the topic at hand and how the gospel is to inform our response within our culture. Supplementing the scriptural texts, Platt provides accounts of how real people are living out the principles he has set forth. Each chapter ends with a helpful section called “First Steps to Counter Culture.” These first steps are broken down into three sections: Pray: suggestions on how to pray regarding the information presented in that chapter; Participate: Suggestions on how to be involved and act; Proclaim: Scriptures that present the truth of that chapter that need to be proclaimed. In addition to these helpful sections, Platt has provided the link to a site giving more helpful suggestions:

Here is the promotional video for the book:

In Counter Culture, David Platt has provided the church with another helpful resource. I was forced to counter the culture of my own sinful heart as I read each chapter, knowing that I have been complacent in my converting my beliefs into actions in the culture. In typical Platt fashion, he holds nothing back, but remains humble throughout and often confesses his own failings and struggles with applying God’s truth to each controversial area mentioned in the book. He continually points to God as the only source for change and power to live out what God ordains for his people in the cultural landscape of our times. This book is easy to read but difficult to apply, since it will require sacrificing and dying to self. But isn’t that what we are commanded to do?

I recommend this book for anyone desiring to prepare for countering the culture when it sways from the truth of God’s word and plans. Pastors would benefit from getting this book into the hands of each member of their respective members. I recommend they preach a series on the material found in this book. Small groups will be blessed as they challenge each other to be more involved and act. Individuals will grow in their faith as they seek God and trust him in living out the gospel in authenticity. May we all live counter culturally.

I received this book from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for a review.




One thought on “Counter Culture by David Platt

  1. I have not yet read this book, but I do agree with David Platt’s desire for Christians to realize that they are called to action to bring the light of Christ in a broken world. However, I do have a problem with David Platt saying that you might not be a Christian if you don’t agree with him. The synopsis of his book Follow Me starts with “You may think you are a Christian – but are you sure?” Where is the hope in that? I wish that Mr. Platt could just state his radical ideas without judging my status as a Christian. Only God will judge me.
    I will read some of his books and will implement some changes in my life as the Holy Spirit leads. In the meantime, I will be angry every time that he does not allow me to come to my own conclusions. Jesus did not force himself upon anyone, and neither should his followers.

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