Another year begun…

…and another year gone. During her visit to MunchkinLand, Dorothy made the observation that “people come and go so quickly here.” That is the way I feel about the years now. They come and go quickly. The Christmas season was upon me and gone before the spirit of it set in. And a couple of days ago I saw Easter candy at one of the stores. My calendar shows January. But yes, time is passing quickly. I usually have some goals for the new years and this year is not different. I have some of the normal ones like get more healthy (considering I am overweight and the heaviest I have ever been) and reading my Bible more consistently. In past years, I have set writing goals, none of which I have ever achieved. This year I added learn to play guitar, rather than play at guitar. Time seems to go faster and faster with seemingly less time to accomplish things. Yet the day is still made up of 24 hours. How will I spend them?

When I look back on my goals of previous years, I wonder why most of them still remain unreached. Goals can be frustrated with life situations. Like my desire to play guitar. My thumb on my left hand is giving me problems, making applying any pressure with my thumb a painful strain. so what of that goal? Is God saying that is not what he desires at the moment or do I play through the pain.  Discipline and follow through has always been a challenge for me; I can easily get distracted or give up and find myself watching yet another movie or television show (TV is my big time waster). I also tend to have little confidence in my ability to achieve or accomplish anything, minimizing what I have to offer, gifts or talents I possess. I need to remember that my goals are not God.

I want 2015 to be different (this is the year I turn fifty). I desire to be less self centered in my prayers, wanting to seek what God wants for me, not what I want and think is best for my life. And to include the needs of other more in my prayers, especially since I have people close to me that need Jesus, with lives that are crumbling and headed down dead end roads that I have attempted at times to travel. I will praying specifically with expectancy with what God wants me to do as a vocation and how he wants me to be part of his mission, both locally and globally.

I want God to be glorified in what I do and have, not taking things for granted that are gifts…food, shelter, friends, family and…a job. In all of these, I want to complain less and be more thankful. and not forget people.

So this year, I am trying not to be so rigid and set goals that are unrealistic. I want to enjoy life and involve God more in it and not get bogged down in the insignificant.

I am confident this year will pass quickly as well. When I look back this time next year, I want it to be with thankfulness and satisfaction of all that happened and not regret or frustration.

Happy 2015.



One thought on “Another year begun…

  1. Happy 2015! I want to learn Spanish this year. I get frustrated when I forget the meanings of words & verb tenses, so I keep giving up. Maybe this year…
    Good luck with learning to play the guitar.

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