Playing Saint by Zachary Bartels (A Book Review)

SaintParker Saint is megachurch pastor that is growing in popularity. He is know for his feel-good sermons. When accused of assaulting a woman on a plane, Parker is forced into helping a detective in a serial killer case involving the occult in order to make the charges go away. Parker is the “expert consultant” on the case because of his theological training. What the police do not know is that Parker Saint’s faith is a “positive thinking-speak the truth into being” faith. His knowledge of God and spiritual truth isn’t even skin deep. In the midst of the investigation, Parker is accosted by three priests from the Vatican that are seeking a lost religious artifact and believe he may have knowledge of where it can be found.

Playing Saint is a novel from pastor Zachary Bartels. This novel is an impressive debut and contains characters that are well developed. The plotline is solid and full of twists that have the reader wanting more. Fans of crime novels will enjoy taking part as the investigation unfolds and the characters transform in the process. Readers will experience with the characters the consequences of being disingenuous and the importance of staying rooted in the truth.

I recommend this book for anyone that enjoys suspenseful and crime fiction, especially stories told with spiritual themes. I look forward to reading more from Zachary Bartels. Playing Saint is worth the read!

I received this book from in exchange for an honest review.


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