Journey to Jesus With Muslims

muslimWe live in a country with people from a variety of cultures from around the world. Because of this, many of us will at some point cross paths with someone of Muslim faith.  As a Christian, how will I build meaningful relationships with them that will make sharing Jesus possible? This can be difficult if I know little to nothing about Muslims and their beliefs and values. Journey to Jesus With Muslims is a valuable tool that will assist in making relationship-building with Muslims less strained and burdensome.

Journey to Jesus With Muslims is a 6-session DVD curriculum designed to educate about Muslims and provide real ways for Christians to make connection with Muslims, moving us toward relationships that allow us to point them to Christ in a respectful, understanding, and loving way.

The curriculum is designed to work best as a small group study and has three primary components: teaching informative videos, dramatic video episodes, and participant handouts.  The teaching videos cover topics like the distinction of the types of Muslims and what they believe, and common Muslim objections to Christianity and the points of agreement in the two faiths. The dramatic videos depict three types of relationships to show how conversations can transpire. The handouts contain a wealth of information on a variety of topics, touching on the areas that can cause the most conflict and break down relationship building.

This curriculum is a well done and will help Christians in connecting with Muslims. Even if you are never in a position to connect with and build a relationship with a Muslim, the information found in the Journey to Jesus With Muslims will help you understand Muslims as you process what you see or read in the media. I recommend this because it will educate you and help you discern the truth in what you are told.

This curriculum was provided to me in exchange for an honest review by the Tyndale Blog Network.



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