Into The Canyon by Michael Neale

canyonGabriel Clarke was made for The River, just like his father and his father’s father. The River took his father’s life right before his eyes when he was a young boy. Gabriel returned to the river. The story of his return is told in The River by Michael Neale.

Michael Neale takes us back to The River in his most recent novel,  Into the Canyon.  Gabriel is now a river guide and living at the river. Ezra, Jacob, and Tabitha are there, along with some new faces, all sharing life in the River.  As life at the River moves forward, much is learned about the history of the River and the history of those who have spent their lives in it, especially the two brothers that Gabriel’s father died trying to save.

I am not usually one to read “follow up” novels, but I wanted to read this one because I was impacted by The River and wanted to see if Michael Neale could continue the story at the same level achieved in The River. Into the Canyon delivered.

Neale’s new novel focuses on going deeper. Here is a taste of what can be found:

“We all have stuff, stuff in our past buried in the canyon of our lives. Things we’ve done, or that someone has done to us. When those bones are dug up, pain, grief, and shame…man, it all comes crashing in. We feel as small and unworthy as a worm under the dirt. The bones must come up. Truth must prevail. That way, they can have a proper burial, and we can move on to new beginnings.”  

Into the Canyon is about love, friendship, forgiveness, loss, and living a full life. Just as purpose was found by jumping into The River, riding the rapids of life Into The Canyon will bring completion.  I recommend the ride.

I received this book in exchange for a review from


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