The B.T.C. Old-Fashioned Cookbook

Nothing says “Southern” like good food and Water Valley, Mississippi will now be known for food thanks to the B.T.C Old-Fashioned Grocery Cookbook.BTC
The B.T.C. Old-Fashioned Grocery (the B.T.C stands for “Be the Change”) is located on Main Street, downtown Water Valley. Owned by Alexe Van Beuren and serving food made by Dixie Grimes, the store is a place to shop and also enjoy the company of friends and family with a tasty meal.
The B.T.C. Old-Fashioned Grocery Cookbook is a special book containing stories of Southern small town life and community alongside the recipes of some of the favorites on the menu. Reading about the townspeople and looking over the recipes, I found myself remembering the small Georgia town I grew up in and longing for a simpler life. Imagine my delight in seeing a recipe for Fried Pies, something my grandmamma used to make. And don’t forget the Skillet biscuits and sausage gravy. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. And the Pimiento Cheese…can’t go wrong with lots of pimiento cheese. This book contains some great Southern foods that even a Yankee can appreciate. As a Georgia boy, the Peach Pound Cake and Peach Icebox Pie caught my eye. Only Peach thing missing was Homemade Peach ice cream to put on top of that Pound Cake. Tons of good eating to be had in this book.
The B.T.C Old-Fashioned Cookbook will be a great addition to your home, not just for the great recipes, but also for the simple stories about simple people living life to the fullest in a simple town. The textured cover has the feel of a child’s storybook and the pages are full of colored pictures to complete the B.T.C experience.
The book hollers, “Welcome to Water Valley. And make sure you drop by the B.T.C. before you leave town. They got the chicken salad today. You don’t wanna miss it.”
Pick one of these books up today. If not for you, get one for a friend. Go to to get more information.
I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.


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