Just be Mom

On this Mother’s Day 2014, we will take the time to honor the Moms in our lives. For some, like myself, today is the time to remember and enjoy the memories of the short time we had together and appreciate all she did. For others, the day will be spent enjoying time with a mom that is still around and giving of herself for the sake of her children. Many others will have to endure this day because it stirs up unpleasant and painful places involving a mom, making this day hard to cope with. And then there are those of you that actually are the Moms of the world. For you, I say “Thank You!”

Being Mom is one of the most thankless jobs. You spend hours keeping watch over sick children, putting a cool cloth on a forehead praying for the fever to break. You wipe noses, bottoms, floor, and countertops to show love for your kids. You make cookies, macaroni and cheese, and do your best to make spinach and broccoli appetizing. You are Mom. You bite your tongue when you see the new clothes that are in fashion and you let the tongue loose when the fashions are out of control. You wish silently that your son or daughter would not make the wrong choices and stand by their sides through the consequences and learning process when they do. You lie still in the bed waiting to hear your child come home and nod off peacefully when you know they are safe in their beds. You laugh at the silly things they do and say and keep all their finger paintings and cards and take more pictures than will ever fit into a scrapbook or photo album or in frames on your wall. You are Mom. You have a heart full of joy watching your kids running around in diapers and heart of joyful sadness when they grow up and leave home. Even when they are grown, you still worry about them, pray for them, and always want the best for them. You will always love them because…..YOU ARE MOM.

To all you Moms, don’t minimize who you are or the importance of what you do. No need to add extra titles. Labeling yourself as a “stay at home Mom,” “homeschool Mom”,”soccer Mom,” or “single Mom” just distract from the magnitude of who you are. You are Mom and that says it all.


Happy Mothers Day to the Moms of the world, and from me…Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful wife, Michelle, and thank you for being Mom to our children and being grand mom/Grammie to our grandchildren. To my Mom, thanks for all you did through the years. Enjoy this day with Jesus. To Emelie, my daughter-in-law, thanks for being Mom to the grandbabies (you will understand all of the words in this post as the years fly by…and they will fly by).

Happy Mother’s Day.


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