the devil walks in mattingly by Billy Coffey

devil mattingly

Twenty years have passed since Phillip McBride’s body was found in Happy Hollow. His death, put down in the official records as a suicide, was murder. Three people have carried the guilt for all those years: Jake and Kate Barnett (now married) and Taylor Hathcock. The town of Mattingly was torn apart by the death of Phillip and now another death in the small town has opened up old wounds and secrets are coming to the surface.

Billy Coffey’s latest novel, the devil walks in mattingly, is his most complex and most satisfying work to date. It is also his darkest in its subject matter and mood because it plumbs the human heart. As the story unfolds, each character comes to grips with and battles personal demons. Coffey shows through his characters that even the most innocent of towns and individuals carry secrets, secrets that must be confronted and conquered. Guilt and shame from the past will destroy if not faced. Readers will likely find themselves facing down demons of their own while reading

The devil walks in mattingly is a story of redemption, of heart cleansing, of new life, of troubled souls finally being free. It is about relationships and brokenness that leads to healing. It is proof that even in the darkest of forests, butterflies of light can emerge and take flight.