Out of the Cold

It is a cold day in east Tennessee. Two days from now, the weather professionals are saying we will have record cold temperatures. Not something to look forward considering the homelessheating my home has decided to go out.  I am thankful for my wood stove which is knocking off some of the chill. Though thankful, I am aware of how much I take for granted the seemingly small things, like heat and walls to block off skin-biting winter winds. What about the homeless with no shelter, no winter coat to protect exposed skin from freezing temperatures? How will they persevere out in the cold? 

God has been gracious to allow me to be cold “out of the cold.” My house inside is frigid, but I am not frozen. I still have shelter and can drink a hot cup of coffee. He has provided the means to get my heat fixed so I know this is temporary. Many out in the cold know that their situation is anything but temporary. It is the reality of their lives and they too must persevere. 

So instead of complaining of how cold my house is or that my heat doesn’t work, I must focus on the goodness and kindness of God that this is a short term inconvenience and remember that He is the only true warmth and shelter from the cold.


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