I Want, I Won’t

I want______________. Fill in the blank. What is it that you REALLY want? That one thing that would make life better or make the situation better or give you a sense of purpose and meaning to existing. Have you ever paid attention and counted how many time in a given week you say, ” I want…”? I’ve never done an analysis of myself. Not sure I would like what I see because I would bet that I say it quite often.

I believe we all want, have desires and wishes. However, I have noticed in myself that I can go from one want to another want without a breath in between. I read posts on Facebook and have to pause at times when I get a constant barrage of “I wants” from people. It angers me at times and other times it saddens me to think that we think such trivial, meaningless things will actually satisfy. There is no end to the “I wants.”

When we say “I want,” aren’t we really saying “I won’t”? I won’t trust God to fill the emptiness in my life. I won’t be satisfied with what God has provided me at this point in my life. I won’t be content without MORE!  God, I won’t let You be enough for me!

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. (Psalm 23:1)

Psalm 23 is one of the most famous passages in the Bible. It begins with the above statement and could have been that single verse and encompassed the secret to the contented life. With the Lord, we lack nothing. We want for nothing. He provides all that is needed and He can be fully trusted to do just that.

If you continually want, then  “I won’t” has taken over. Look to the Shepherd and you shall not want.



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