The Regular

I often find myself wanting to be off on some adventure, to just be somewhere else (or even be someone else). I have those yearnings for a “change” or to have a “different” whatever it may be at the time. In thinking that my life would be better with only a little something else, I miss out on the regular in my life. The “regular” is that place or time that is repetitious and seemingly forever never-changing.

My commute time every morning and afternoon is in the regular. The hours spent at work are also in the regular. Most of my evenings are also part of the regular. Most of my time, roughly 90%, is made up of the day-to-day tasks and activities that are consistent and on-going.Most of my life is spent in the regular. I guess much of your life would be the same.If most of our time is spent in the regular and we are discontent with the regular, then it makes sense that the result will be our being a discontented, unhappy people.

Scattered here and there throughout the week,  the “irregular” pops in, those moments of that are completely different, or out of the norm, so to speak.  Instead of waiting for the irregular to pop in and make our lives interesting, why don’t we redeem the regular. Each minute pushes us toward the end of our days and each is part of our regular.

Your regular is different from mine so I can’t tell you how to redeem your regular, but I can give you some examples to get your own creative juices flowing:

(1) Open your eyes and really pay attention to what’s around you. Have you ever driven to work taking the same route you have taken for years and not even remember the drive? You know what I’m talking about. Try this. Make it a point to be aware and learn from your trip. Dialogue with yourself, someone else, or God and ask questions or make observations.  I wonder who lives there? or When did that store open? or Wow, the colors of the mountains are amazing! or Why would anyone want a purple car? Really see the life moving and breathing around you.

(2) Change the atmosphere of your regular. Turn some music on that you would not “normally” listen to or turn the music off and enjoy the quiet of the moment. Read a book out loud. Light a scented candle. I recently changed my regular by using an app on my phone that reads the Bible to me instead of just reading it myself. I follow along while it reads, but it has changed what could easily become routine or just a part of my regular.

(3) Create a new regular. Make a decision to do something different. Who says you have to do things the same way every day for the rest of your life? Travel to work a different way each month, switching the route up and inviting new things in. Instead of watching the TV tonight, why don’t you clean out that closet so the monopoly game doesn’t fall on your head every time you open the door. Or do like Robert D. Smith would say, Eat Dessert First.

The regular may be routine, but it doesn’t have to be humdrum and boring. We do not have to be so entrenched in the rut of our lives that we are always wanting something else. We have so much right there in front of us all the time. See it and enjoy it.

Redeem the regular and throw off the discontent.


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