In the beginning…

….this site was going to be called Pickle Moments.  After doing some internet searches for the title, I decided to stick with a title I had been using on my book review site, The Biggerness.  What is a pickle moment? Glad you forced me to ask.  To understand, we must go back to the beginning of time.

Hold on, Jon, not that far back. We’re telling them about pickle moments and God didn’t create pickles in the beginning.

Okay…A couple of years ago, sitting on the sofa with my wife and our granddaughter sandwiched between us, we were eating Krystals (small square fast food hamburgers).  I had taken a bite out of one of my Krystals when my granddaughter pointed at it. I thought she wanted a bite and I was going to let her have one, when she reached up, pulled the pickle out, and popped it in her mouth. My bite had exposed the pickle and she had managed to see that speck of green and went for it.  It was one of those times when you appreciate the small things, the laughable blessing moments that God gives us each day. Pickle Moments. Pickles then became a snack that I continue to enjoy with my granddaughter and in the journey I have even been given the nickname Pappy Pickle.

I frequently get so caught up in the activities of life, that I fail to be right here, right now, in this moment. We can’t get moments back and we have lots of them. Don’t miss them. So when God allows you to have a glimpse into how special each moment is, take it in. Reach out and grab that pickle, pop it in your mouth, and savor it. Enjoy that Pickle Moment. I promise you that you have more pickle moments than you think, if you just pay attention.


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